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A couple of Christine’s older recordings, which have been unavailable, are being re-released later this year.

They are:

Veranda (1984):

Christine’s first album, originally vinyl. Seven originals and a unique guitar instrumental  version of George Gershwin’s “Rhapsody In Blue” that was played often as a news lead-in on fm and pbs radio stations, especially in the Bay Area of California. While touring, a day off in Nashville made possible a session in the classic Quonset hut Columbia B studio. Christine cut four songwriter demos, two of which were used on this early calling card. The album was pieced together over several months as Lakeland carried the two-inch reels of tape to seven more southern California studios to finish the collection. Two cuts were co-produced with the late Henry Lewy, two with J.J. Cale. Other musicians include Fred Tackett, Red Young, David Briggs, Billy Cox, Bennett Salvay, Jim Keltner, Bobby Emmons, Steve Ripley, Tim Drummond, Spooner Oldham and the late Kenneth Buttrey.  Self-release licensed for a limited release in Japan.

(Currently out of print. Remixed version to be available.)


Live at Greenwood Ridge (2005) :


A limited pressing of Christine in a 4-piece combo setting. Extended jam versions of seven Lakeland songs from earlier albums plus three new originals.  Soon to be available for digital download.


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