San Francisco Examiner
“…a poised vocalist, throaty, sensual…”

The Detroit News
“Lakeland announces her resilience and asserts the power of love as a healing force.  …smoky, come-hither vocals as soulful and expressive as her incisive guitar licks.”

Guitar World Magazine
“Lakeland’s solid all-around musicianship definitely marks the lovely-lady-as-journeyperson.
Easy on the eyes, but watch out boys, she can pick.”

Musician Magazine
“Christine Lakeland is as good as her word.  …clever, insightful songs that cut straight to the heart and parts south.  Tough to pigeonhole, Lakeland’s songs are textured in blues/country/soul/pop flavorings that touch familiar themes in unfamiliar ways.  Delivered in an appealing, unaffected vocal manner, and driven by the snaky rhythm/lead style of her Gibson 347, her tunes stick to the ribs while leaving memorable hooks floating in your head.”
“Christine Lakeland’s steamy guitar work solidifies electric blues-woman styles. Accessible beauty and grace, lead guitar zap, vocal charm….an original act.” – The Times Journal – Telluride, Colorado

“A singer-songwriter with a deep-down soul sound that is groovy enough to captivate all kinds of listeners…honest mixture of shuffle blues and country…she goes on stirring up crowds wherever she plays.” – The Herald – Seattle, Washington

“A brilliant and versatile songwriter, a polished guitarist…a dynamic and engaging performer. Lakeland radiates onstage…never ceases to impress audiences with fluid and intelligent guitar lines, a solid singing voice and a suitcase full of new, memorable tunes which she writes herself…exudes a freshness and energy that shines on her audience. One of the most popular female performers to visit Portland.” – BluesNotes – Portland, Oregon

“…voice is perfectly suited for the musical mix of country, pop, blues and rock…her guitar work sparkles…a superior talent.” – Tulsa Oklahoma Tribune

“Christine Lakeland is an enigma. She’s sleek yet demure; soft-spoken yet one tough performer. She’s “folk” like Joan Baez; she’s country ‘n rock blues like Bonnie Raitt; she’s gospel; she’s deep, root blues. She is all and one. She is an original…see her if you can.” – BluesNotes – Sacramento, California
“Superlatives fail trying to describe Lakeland. Excellent songwriter, great guitar player, sweet-throated songbird, beautiful person, scintillating music….you just have to hear it to believe it. She has a finely-honed sense of musicianship that sets her work apart. This artist may be the best of all possible worlds.” – Music This Month – Mendocino County, California

“Christine takes the roots of the ever-changing pop genre into a sweet-driving new dimension. What comes across in the music is a seasoned blues base layered with catchy, pop-rock hooks.” – Santa Fe New Mexican – Santa Fe, New Mexico

“Lakeland has defied conventions by making a strong name for herself in the blues-rock field. She shoots it straight…Memphis country gems…” – Colorado Daily – Boulder, Colorado

“When Christine Lakeland arrives, the petite woman with the brawny voice, you will find a masterful singer-songwriter of pop blues, a guitar and a lot of good music.” – Sacramento This Week – Sacramento, California

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